Management and development Ecommerce projects for ICT and corporate companies. Roadmap project planning, communication with development teams. Processing business requirements for IT and development. IT SW Delivery and Project Management.

For clients, we create tender documents and maintain project documentation. We lead projects with an emphasis on detail in which we link individual parts of the project from the MVP to the final product you ordered.

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First contact

Depending on the specialization of the industry, the designated expert will go through the project or business topic and recommend the next steps.

Priorities & Planning

We will divide the individual parts according to the priorities and start to include them in the project schedule.
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Final strategy

Processing of project documentation with definition of Go2Market strategy. During the project you are part of the team and as an important part you will decide on the possibilities of the solution.


Launch of works and first MPV in agreed time. Next steps to deliver business solutions. Working with your business business. Passing the necessary information and marketing initiatives.

Control over process

Every output that arises as a single component or as part of a whole is verified with the client when development is complete and ready to test.

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Web Design

We are creative! We can process story boards for you or design a website redesign. For more demanding we realize interactive animations for advertising or promotions.

Ecommerce Solution

An e-shop or comprehensive 3’rd party API service is not a technically problem for us to implement. We can process, deliver or manage custom CMS and CRM regardless of the technology used on client side.

Email Marketing

An industry that has been and is partly underestimated today. Yet click-through graphs from email newsletters keep statistics up. Every smaller or larger entity begins this discipline sooner or later. We can automate, personalize your marketing and business communications.


We only work with data that satisfies GDPR. We follow these rules during our internal processes, which we also link to projects with our clients.

Development and programming

Spectrum of our development base is programmers not only from PHP or .NET or C #, but also JAVA and goLingo. We work with platforms such as Kentico, SiteCore, WooCommerce, but also those that the client entrusts to us.


Being the first in search engines is the dream of anyone who wants to succeed with their product or service. We can optimize and prepare your content for online campaigns and marketing strategies.


ACTUM Digital

ACTUM is a company that designs digital strategy and technology solutions based on the client’s business goals. We design and implement technologies for personalized and consistent customer experience on all devices such as computer, mobile, tablet, but also watch, television, car or virtual reality.

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